Motorcycle Service

Service Pricing

Shop Rate = $95 per hour

Oil Changes:

  • Standard Oil Change: $95 Belray oil / Hiflo oil filter
  • Synthetic Oil Change: $120 Castrol / K&N oil filter
  • Harley full service (Engine oil, Transmission Oil, Primary Oil) $250

Tire Changes:

  • Front Tire Change on Bike: $95
  • Front Tire Change off Bike: $40
  • Rear Tire Change on Bike (sport bike): $95
  • Rear Tire Change off Bike: $40
  • (Tire disposal is $5/ea, + shop supplies)

Brake Pads:

  • Front Brake Pads: 1/2hr + parts/per caliper
  • Rear Brake Pads: 1/2hr + parts


  • Looking to buy or sell a bike? We can do a free safety inspection for you.
  • Not sure what is wrong with your bike? Our diagnosis fee is $95, and if you decide to do our recommended work, the fee is waived.

Call us at (262) 995-5797 to get your bike in today!